Top 12 challenges every Start-up faced in 2020


1 — What problem are we solving? Is it still important?

LESSON: Prioritise. Brutally.

2 — Now that industry innovation sessions and community events had practically come to a halt, how will we grow our industry reach?

LESSON: Innovate your engagement plans

3. Shall we pitch for new business prospects or not? What should be our approach to sales?

LESSON: Empathy > Revenue in times of crisis

4. How do I deal with companies who don’t pay their invoices?

LESSON: Some bitter pills will have to be swallowed

5. How can we work with other organisations to get through this? What type of partnerships should I prioritise?

LESSON: It is hard to dance with an elephant.

6. Given the longer working capital cycles and business impact this year, what financial options should we consider?

LESSON: Need-based liability is better than opportunistic equity dilution

7. What does ‘Good’ look like in a year like 2020?

LESSON: People First.

8. How do we take care of each other as a team?

LESSON: Communication is key — a Team is a marriage of a different kind.

9. Should we change the way we organise ourselves? Who should focus on what in the business?

LESSON: Prioritising is a constant

10. Do we need an office in 2021? Do we need an office at all?

LESSON: Choose between Frugal V/S Efficient

11. There is so much talent out in the market — how do we approach this?

LESSON: Harbour a symbiotic relationship with new talent

12. How will I remember this year?

LESSON: Gratitude with a Resilient team!



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